Johnson Named South Coast Conference MVP for Second Consecutive Year

From left to right: Charli Chavarria, Lindsey Mizrahi, Stephany Velazquez, Charity Lopes, Chris Oeding, Harlie Whelan, Victoria Johnson, Maggie Bennett
From left to right: Charli Chavarria, Lindsey Mizrahi, Stephany Velazquez, Charity Lopes, Chris Oeding, Harlie Whelan, Victoria Johnson, Maggie Bennett

After the women's water polo team hauled in their third consecutive South Coast Conference (SCC) title this year, it was recently announced that six players were named to the All-SCC teams. Head coach Chris Oeding was named the SCC Coach of the Year for the second-consecutive year following an undefeated conference showing. Furthermore, sophomore attacker Victoria Johnson was named the SCC Most Valuable Player for the second year in row.  Sophomore attacker Lindsey Mizrahi, sophomore goalkeeper Maggie Bennett, freshman defender Stephany Velazquez and freshman attacker Charity Lopes were all named to the SCC first-team, while freshman Harlie Whelan and sophomore defender Charli Chavarria were honored with second-team accolades.

Oeding is recognized as the 2017 SCC Coach of the Year for the seventh time following a second-consecutive undefeated conference record. Oeding finishes the women's season 21-7 overall and also an impressive 396-117 career record at Long Beach.

Johnson is recognized as the SCC Most Valuable Player of the Year for the second-consecutive season after proving to be the leading offensive force. This season in 25 games played, Johnson ranked third in the CCCAA with 96 goals, 25 assists and had 41 steals. During the season, Johnson had a game-high scoring of eight goals in two separate games.  During water polo career at Long Beach City College, Johnson has impressed with her offensive skills and has totaled over 200 goals.

Mizrahi earned first-team accolades by being an offensive threat in the set position. This season, Mizrahi has scored 28 goals with 14 assists. This is Mizrahi's second All-SCC selection as last year she earned second-team nods for her offensive efforts.

Bennett earned her first-team honors after being a force to be reckoned with in the cage. Bennett tallied 109 saves this season and was a defensive leader, who used her voice in the pool to steer the Vikings.  

Velazquez was the solid defender of the team and the quarterback of the team at top of the umbrella offense. She was honored with first-team recognition for her universal talents on defense and her transitional skills to offense. Velazquez had 60 steals to go along with 46 goals on the season.

Lopes received the final first-team honors for the Vikings with her work on offense. Lopes scored 31 goals this season and had 22 assists. Her ability to maneuver through the water was noticed by her opponents as they adjusted to her style of play.

Whelan reeled in second-team recognition with tallying 29 goals in her debut season for the Vikings, while dishing out 22 assists. Whelan was an all-around threat and was quick on defense with 31 steals.

Chavarria rounded out the All-SCC honors for the Vikings by receiving second-team accolades. Chavarria was recognized for her defensive skills in the pool and being the last line of defensive before Bennett.